Goldy Crape

Goldy Crape

Goldy Crape are the coloured plain towels designed to cater the wide consumer base preferring plain designed towels. These are the sober coloured towels with economical prices. Goldy Crape are best suited for all General-Purpose and Utility applications.

Our Goldy Crape towels are available in six colours, with seven sizes: -

Face Cloth - 12in x 18in
Face Towel (Large) - 14in x 21in
Hand Towel (Small) - 20in x 36in
Hand Towel (Large) - 24in x 48in
Bath Towel (Kids) - 27in x 54in
Bath Towel - 30in x 60in
Bath Sheet - 36in x 72in

We also offer custom sizes for the Goldy Crape towels, for a minimum order of 10,000 pcs*

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