Bath Towels

Our exclusive range of terry towels are precisely suitable for drying applications after shower/bath. Bath towels are used for drying the body after showering or bathing. High absorbency obtained through production from pure cotton will enhance the drying experience after shower. Our 'Softy' brand with higher towel thickness and 100% pure cotton makes it appropriate for bathing application.

Pool Towels

Pool towels serve the same purpose as bath towels to dry-up the body. The terry towels used for this application are commonly decked poolside. Our comprehensive product range suitable for pool application provides high absorbency, optimal coverage and wide versatility. These spa quality towels are commonly used as vacation accessory. Our 'Cabana' and 'Beige Cabana' brands are widely used for poolside applications.

Kitchen Towels

Our range of terry towels cover kitchen towels, dish towels/ dish cloth and towel mops used for kitchen applications. These cotton towels will assist in the kitchen needs serving cleaning, washing and scrubbing applications. Our 'Zebra' towel brand is exclusively designed for the kitchen applications. The triangular yarn piles intentionally designed, enable the towels to perfectly clean the dishes and other kitchen areas. 'Milky White', 'Goldy' and 'Goldy Crape' brands also serve the kitchen applications.

Dinning Towels

Dinning towels are the terry cloth spread over table according to chairs during the meals and special dinners. J.J. Towels offer dinning napkins or table napkins suitable for the dinning table. These towels are optimum sized, produced from pure cotton and designed for multi-purpose napkin applications. 'Goldy Crape', 'Goldy' and 'Milky White' brands are widely adopted as dinning towels. These towels or towel sets are widely used among the Restaurants and Hotels.

Spa Towels

Spa towels are the pure cotton terry towels featured with high durability and enhanced softness. J.J. Towels offer traditional white as well as black coloured towels for spa applications. High absorbency and decent look with solid colours enable the towels suitable for spa applications. 'Milky White', 'Rich White' and 'Black' brands are most appropriate for spa applications. The terry towels with this grade are also widely adopted in the Hotels and Lodges.

Salon Towels

Salon towels serve the same purpose as the spa towels with enhanced softness, high absorbency and durability properties. Our terry towels for salon applications are widely recognized and adopted in the market. We provide both black and white coloured towels for this application. 'Milky White', 'Rich White' and 'Black' are broadly used brands for spa applications.

Face Towels

Our terry towel range are also suitable for face drying applications. Face towels are often small sized, absorbent and soft terry towels used for face drying. These pure cotton terry towels enhance the soft feel and greater absorbency. J.J. Towels offer wide range of face towels with comprehensive designs and vibrant colours. 'Dark Berry', Candy, 'Milky White', 'Goldy Crape' and 'Cabana' are commonly adopted brands for face towel applications.

Beach Towels

Beach towels serve multi-purpose applications, as they are used on beaches as barrier between the beach sand and person; whereas the towels also serve primary their application to dry-up the body. These towels provide comfortable lounging with soft feel, ample coverage, quick drying and extra absorbency. Our strip designed brands, 'Cabana' and 'Beige Cabana' are commonly sold for beach applications.

Decoration Towels

Decoration towels are the towels used to decorate the ambience on festivals and special occasions. High flexibility, intricate designs and vibrant colours enhance the towel usage for decorations. In addition, these towels can be widely used for daily needs later the decoration occasion. Our 'Milky White', 'Smarty', 'Smarty Plus', 'Cabana', 'Candy' and 'Goldy Crape' brands can be used for decorative applications.

Gift Towels

Our broad-range terry towel products are also best-suitable for gifting in weddings, house-warming and other occasions. Large range of coloured, white and designed towels can be used for gifts. These products serve as best gift solutions as the towels are be used for daily uses later. Our 'Milky White', 'Smarty', 'Smarty Plus', 'Cabana', 'Candy' and 'Goldy Crape' brands can be used for gift applications.